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LAUSD: How The Minority Continues To Control The Majority? (LAUSD: Cómo La minoría sigue controlando la mayoría?)

Minority Rule.jpeg
(en español después) The simple answer to this question is that no LAUSD administrator has ever been held personally liability for their egregious actions no matter how malicious they are as long as they are protecting the status quo at LAUSD. The basis of LAUSD's strength requires no intelligence, but rather is in its willingness to brutally stiffle any opposition to the self-serving business as usually policy of the District administration that has gone on now for generations, while continuing to decimate mostly minority youth.


10 2010

My End At LAUSD: Now On To A Neutral Forum (Mi Terminar en el LAUSD: Ahora en un foro neutral)

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(en español después) On Friday, October 8, 2010 LAUSD Chief Academic Officer Judy Elliott sent me a letter saying that she was going to submit my name to the LAUSD Board for dismissal as a teacher. In retrospect and in culmination of more then a year long campaign of harassment against me, the following facts are surprisingly undisputed: - My fate was sealed with LAUSD from the moment I stood up against endemic LAUSD fraud. - Nobody in LAUSD administration has ever read my responses to the completely fabricated charges against me or ever reviewed any of the rather conclusive evidence I have submitted on various occasions that none of the charges against me ever took place. LAUSD administrators have even admitted they have never read or done any independent investigation at meetings with myself and UTLA representatives.


10 2010