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OPINION: Value-added assessments: has the data been cooked? by David Lyell (OPINIÓN: las evaluaciones de valor agregado: los datos ha sido cocinado? por Lyell David)

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By David Lyell (left), LAUSD teacher (Mensaje se repite en Español) (For a national view of public education reform see the end of this blog post) A report published this month by UC Berkeley economist Jesse Rothstein raises serious ethical questions about the objectivity of an analysis of "value-added" models by The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. In his report, "Review of Learning About Teaching," Rothstein concludes that The Gates Foundation's "Measures of Effective Teaching" (MET) Project contains, "troubling indications that the Project's conclusions were predetermined." Rothstein asserts that "the Gates Foundation has widely circulated a stand-alone policy brief (with the same title as the research report) that omits the full analysis, so even careful readers will be unaware of the weak evidentiary basis for its conclusions."