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Corporate Unlimited "Limited Liability" Is A Potentially Lethal Liability To Democracy - IT'S ALIVE! (Corporativo de Responsabilidad Limitada Ilimitado es una responsabilidad potencialmente letal para la Democracia - Esta Vivo !)

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(Mensaje se repite en EspaƱol) (For a national view of public education reform see the end of this blog post) The history of corporations has a very similar storyline to the Sorcerer's Apprentice, but as of this writing no sorcerer has appeared to save us from the dreadful consequences of the uncontrolled growth (cancer?) of corporations that now threaten the very future of the body politic .Initially, the modern corporation, which started in England, after the earlier success of charter companies in Sweden and the Netherlands, was a real boon to commercial growth because of the following characteristics: