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LAUSD: What Real Reform Might Look Like (Qué reforma real podría ser similar)

(Mensaje se repite en Español) I believe that one of the most important changes that could be instituted to bring about a profound positive change in our school system would be the changing of its physical organization. The model that we have used in our big cities for over a hundred years is based on a factory model of regimentation that has even been rejected by productive factories in the post-industrial period. Since W. Edward Deming changed the focus of Japanese factories from the "top-down" model they inherited from the Americans and the Europeans before them, the emphasis has been on work groups that set their own priorities in search of a better quality product and higher levels of production. In order to achieve this same goal with education in the LAUSD, I would change the organization and control of the school. For example, in the average high school which takes up a city block, I would no longer devote 50% of the physical plant to sports. According to Maslow's "hierarchy of needs," one never gets to a "need to know and understand" or "self-actualization needs" until the "physiological and safety needs" are satisfied. In the worst of the city schools that I have taught in, over 75% of the kids want to learn but are precluded from so doing by an unstable family life or the violence around them.


11 2010