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LAUSD pilot schools: Same old' same old'

While there are many possibilities for addressing present public school dysfunction, the four models that the Los Angeles Unified School District and United Teachers of Los Angeles have alleged considered are: Affiliated Charters, ESBMM (Expanded School-Based Management Model), iDesign/Partnership Schools, and the dreaded Pilot School. As this study clearly shows, if a charter school is correctly implemented it can beat any of these models, because it offers the greatest latitude in drafting to relect a reformed school model that could mix the most subjectively appropriate strengths of all models to the student population and community where the school has to function.


12 2009

How can you expect students to read when teachers don't?

In  Los Angeles Unified School District, meaningful and independently verifiable change has been shunned by a highly ritualized kabuki District administrators practice, where their primary concern is to defend their privileges as refugees from the intolerable classroom reality from which...
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